Outsourcing TMA, MCO, maintenance, and support allows you to better control your costs, preserving your ability to innovate as well as gaining flexibility and experience.

Harington Business Unit Manager

Jacques Belhamou

Outsourcing to Harington, implies freeing more resources in order to focus even more on innovative projects with a high added value. We commit to SLAs that guarantee the quality and responsiveness of our teams. With our detailed reporting, you have an optimal visibility and total control for a partnership built on durable trust.

Ensuring the reliability, availability, and performance of your systems, while improving your application portfolio, requires a flawless and often uninterrupted quality of service. We are committed to minimizing downtime and maximizing user satisfaction.

Our consultants also provide suggestions so that your information system adapts, evolves and modernizes.

  • Tierce Maintenance Applicative
  • Consulting to upgrade your “patrimoine applicatif” (applicative asset?) and modernization of your IT systems
  • Code quality, cleaning, refactoring
  • Digital updates and evolutions: components and frameworks
  • Uninterrupted services flow and efficiency, lift-and-shift and app migration to the cloud
  • Automatic use of updates for security systems and Linux servers
  • Resolving breaches in systems (revoir si breaches correspond à vulnérabilité)
  • Adhering to good practices and adequate documentations to ensure portability and transfer to third-parties.
  • Implementing a hotline available on workdays
  • Services N1 for call centers, N2 for applicative/technical (support) and N3 for developers and experts
  • Service catalog led by SLA
  • Having an expert knowledge of tools and ticketing
  • Incident, request, and (change) Management Process
  • Automated Email Notification
  • Automatic Incident Assignment
  • Monitoring and Supervision
  • KPI tracking and reporting for continuous improvement: User Satisfaction, Quality, Processing Time, Volume/Costs

Do you want to outsource IT application management, maintenance, and support with confidence?

Preventive, evolutionary, and corrective maintenance, N2 N3 support, monitoring, and management; entrust us with the maintenance and support of your application portfolio.

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