Our service centers

New technologies are evolving at a very fast pace and skills are becoming more and more rare. Outsourcing to our nearshore service centers is an efficient solution.

Increased innovation strength and the ability to adapt quickly to market changes.

Reduced costs and development & operational timelines.

Enhanced quality and reliability of software and applications.

.NET Consultant 290 € excluding taxes 350 € excluding taxes 395 € excluding taxes 
PHP Drupal Consultant 280 € excluding taxes 320 € excluding taxes 350 € excluding taxes 
Java Springboot Consultant 290 € excluding taxes 350 € excluding taxes 395 € excluding taxes 
QA Test Automation Consultant 280 € excluding taxes 330 € excluding taxes 390 € excluding taxes 
QA Lead270 € excluding taxes 320 € excluding taxes 340 € excluding taxes 
Functional Testing Consultant250 € excluding taxes 300 € excluding taxes 350 € excluding taxes 
Technical LeadN/A415 € excluding taxes 550 € excluding taxes 
DevOps Engineer290 € excluding taxes 340 € excluding taxes 390 € excluding taxes 
Data Engineer300 € excluding taxes 360 € excluding taxes 400 € excluding taxes 
ETL Consultant 300 € excluding taxes 360 € excluding taxes 400 € excluding taxes 
Infrastructure & Cloud Consultant 320 € excluding taxes 380 € excluding taxes 430 € excluding taxes 
Product Owner300 € excluding taxes 360 € excluding taxes 400 € excluding taxes 
Project Management350 € excluding taxes 390 € excluding taxes 450 € excluding taxes 
Application Support250 € excluding taxes 300 € excluding taxes 350 € excluding taxes 
Rate Card in Daily Rates – June 2024

Many companies have turned to offshore solutions for their promises of reducing IT costs, but often the results do not meet expectations.

  • Time zone differences
  • Cultural differences
  • Language barriers
  • Challenging management of the relationship between the service provider and the client
  • Project drifts
  • Disappointing delivery quality
  • Schedule or cost overruns

You thus have access to a real pool of experts and consultants with sharp skills in the latest technological innovations. We can intervene punctually as reinforcements or accompany you end-to-end on your projects with a fixed-price commitment. You benefit from greater flexibility and more control over your IT budget. Our service centers are ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certified.


  • A Director of the Service Center oversees human resources, processes, knowledge management, training, and certification policies for our pool of experts and consultants, ensuring the delivery of top skills at the right time.

  • A service delivery manager oversees the services provided to each of our clients, supported by local tech leads in Paris who manage activities according to agreed service levels (SLAs) and report key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Project leadership from Paris

  • A steering committee meeting every three months

  • Different contracting mechanisms tailored to your specific needs: Technical assistance as-a-service (unit work catalog), fixed number of full-time equivalents (FTEs), fixed day credits, or full project delivery service with fixed commitment

In a context of scarce expertise in ICT, this solution allows for quick cost reduction and increased flexibility. Project governance and management are overseen from Paris to ensure secure delivery and guarantee quality.

Receive our services catalog for competency centers along with our pricing grids.

Thank you for leaving us a message explaining your service needs briefly. We will get back to you with pricing based on profiles (up to 50% savings).

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