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Faster and better quality, test automation addresses these issues.

In an increasingly  digitalized world, you need to set rapidly new products on the market, offering an impeccable quality. Did you know that testings can account up for to 40% of your project budget and that the number of testers required can be reduced by 10 while adopting a test automation strategy ?

Our QA consultants and our experts in test automation are here to help you meet your challenges.

  • The race for innovation and competitive pressure are driving the rapid development and release of web applications.
  • The ever-increasing volume of testing, particularly non-regression testing, is placing a significant strain on development teams, overburdening them with repetitive and low-value tasks.
  • Test automation allows you to gain time, hence productivity and ressources. Automated testing improves the quality of deliverables and the reliability of results.
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Ahmed Rouissi

Over 80% of tests are automatable! The testing automation scope covers unit tests, system tests, functional tests, performance tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests. Our QA practice continuously studies, tests, and evaluates the latest tools, including AI/ML, to integrate them or not into its stack or into our service catalog.

Harington supports you in automating your product development process to gain efficiency, reduce the number of bugs in delivery, facilitate the management of releases, patches and maintenance of your applications, but also reduce costs and deadlines.

  1. RELIABILITY: Automated testing tools perform the same operations consistently, eliminating human error and ensuring consistent results.
  2. SPEED: Automated tests execute significantly faster than manual tests, enabling quicker test cycles and faster feedback loops.
  3. REUSABILITY: Automated test scripts can be repeatedly executed on demand, saving time and effort.
  4. COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE: Automated testing can achieve a wider scope of test coverage, reaching areas that may be difficult or time-consuming to test manually.
  5. MOTIVATION: Automated testing frees up manual testers to focus on more complex and value-added tasks, enhancing overall productivity.
  6. COST REDUCTION: Automated testing can significantly reduce the need for manual testing resources, leading to substantial cost savings

While not all tests can be automated, automated testing complements manual testing effectively. Automation is particularly suitable for systematic, repetitive, or complex test scenarios. In our case, we had a team of nearly 30 functional testers in 2019. Today, for the same scope, we have only 5 “manual” testers and 3 automation testers handling all Sephora’s web and mobile applications. 90% of e-commerce regression tests are automated. The gains in terms of time, resources, and costs are significant.


We have developed a pre-configured framework based on the expertise gained from our projects. This modular, free, open, open-source framework can be customized by Harington to suit your specific needs and integrates it into your CI/CD pipeline

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