Data Intelligence

Make the most of your data potential to transform it into the base of your business opportunities.


Data flows are increasing exponentially and are becoming more and more complex. Data is massively collected, used by numerous applications and several users with diverse profiles. Harington advises you and our experts in Data Engineering guide you in modernizing your Data System.

  • Your “Legacy” data system is outdated and is not suitable for a distribution and efficient data usage.
  • You need to redefine your data architecture to structure communication and data sharing between applications, besides ensuring data governance.
  • You must be able to guarantee the availability, integrity, exploitability, of your company’s data at all times: self-service is not an option anymore. Users should be able to easily access data  without having to run a query or calling an analyst.

More than 50% of data is stocked… but never structured, analyzed nor used. 58% of managers consider that data analysis can be considerably improved in their companies. 65% of companies state that they are facing complications with data processing.

IDC 2022

salah makoudi data expert

Data Insights & Data Cloud Platform  Expert

Salah Makoudi

Data plays a crucial role. They’re at the root of the latest digital achievements while being at the heart of the most disruptive business models. Now more than ever, the issues of collecting, processing, using, securing and protecting data must be taken into account to ensure your industry’s future.

Being a data-driven company means being able to make decisions and take action based on reliable databases. Due to the volume and complexity of data today, a processing and storage system is no longer enough.

Valuing your data across your business requires a scalable data platform that can quickly adapt to the diversity of data; and to the different user profiles.

conseil et stratégie data

Consulting and strategy

Technical audit, data purchasing strategy (batch, real-time), a guiding pattern and data roadmap design

  • Audit of your current data systems and business uses (reporting, DataViz, Discovery, Data Science)
  • Data governance programs and management plan of data assets in the long run
  • Selection of tools and technologies
  • Pricing
  • Data acculturation
gestion projet data

Project Management

  • Business analysts, AMOA, Product Owner
  • Leading and hosting workshops based on Agile methodologies
  • Identifying and prioritizing of “uses cases”
  • MVP/POC and data project leading
  • Change
Architectures de données datawarehouse, cloud natif datalake, datahub, cloud, data-mesh

Architecture and execution

  • Architecture, approach, and infrastructure recommendations for alternative stocking and ingestion.
  • Design and implementation of data architectures (Data warehouse, cloud-native, datalake, datahub, cloud, data-mesh…)
  • Data modeling
  • Performance optimization (code review, queries, etc.)
  • Cloud-native platform virtualization and migration
  • Legacy BI application decommissioning and refactoring.
solutions data

Data solutions and securing

  • Implementing according to DevOps, CI/CD, test automation methodologies and good practices
  • Implementation according to DevOps, CI/CD, test automation methodologies and best practices
  • Governance framework: data catalogs, data lineage, data quality management, master data management
  • Configuration and integration of tools into your IT ecosystem: ETL/ELT/Reverse ETL, BI, Discovery, Machine Learning / AI
  • Technical assistance services or development of your solution with fixed-price commitment

  1. Data architecture: choice of infrastructure (DW, datalake, lakehouse) and tools, modeling, virtualization, move-to-cloud, domain driven design of data pipelines and data mesh strategy, CI/CD data products
  2. Data integration and processing: acquisition strategy and tooling for your data hub, query optimization, ETL/ELT automation of multi-source ingestion and transformation pipelines, Data-as-a-service
  3. Data governance & management: mapping of data assets, definition of metadata, data catalogs, lineage, quality management and management of reference data, regulatory compliance and security
  4. Business Intelligence and analytics: implementation of DataViz, AI/ML and deep learning technologies to democratize uses, integration of Dashboards into the data pipeline, NLP research and data discovery, automation of reports

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