Modernization & Refactoring

We accompany you in managing your app portfolio while capitalizing on/ pushing for digital innovations.

Harington IT Consulting Manager

Seif Meddeb

Managing the obsolescence of your “Legacy” systems, the maintenance costs of what is already operating as well as the imperative need to modernize the development environments, are also all challenges taken on by the IT department.

We implement a modernization plan built on a Values vs Risks approach. We prioritize while taking into account your expectations driven by multiple/ various criterias such as economical ones  for example in order to reduce operational costs, new work/ job needs, a lack of resources, etc.

Our consultants accompany you in the modernization strategy of your IT assets by directing you towards solutions that help you earn flexibility, performance, efficiency and innovation.

  • Virtualization: transitioning your systems to virtual environments for better management and scalability
  • Move to the cloud: a handled and safe migration to cloud solutions
  • Reinforcing IT systems’ security
  • API-zation of IT systems: creation of applicative programming interfaces to facilitate integration and communication among your different systems.
  • Optimization: continuously improving code, flows, performances, etc.
  • Legacy decommissioning: progressive shutdown of obsolete systems or application suites towards more modern and efficient solutions.

Need to modernize your existing systems and make them more efficient?

Virtualization, cloud migration, security, SI APIs, optimization (code, workflows, performance, etc.), legacy decommissioning; our experts and consultants are here to assist you.