Attract top talent and help them grow because they are our high potentials of tomorrow.

Our in-house classes

Established in 2017 and led by Anis Bessa, Harington’s Academy’s mission is to train and enhance the skills of high-potential engineers on cutting-edge technological stacks and our clients’ technical environments.

 We also offer boot camps throughout the year to upskill or reskill our consultants on the latest technological innovations or new software products. The program includes cloud-native architecture design, full-stack CMS, methodological best practices, front-end and back-end development, QA, CI/CD DevSecOps pipeline, and more.


Attract high potential engineers, with 0 to 4 years of expertise

Strengthen their employability through an excellent training program: project-driven, cutting-edge technology stack,organization, security/regulatory compliance, and project methodologies.

Empower yourself to identify the best, retain them, and integrate them into our skills centers (Paris, Tunis, Casablanca, Lyon).

  • Better control of resource costs
  • Juniorize teams
  • Minimize the onboarding burden
  • Ensure a pipeline of trained and immediately operational resources

Want to learn more about Harington Academy?

We take care of the up-skilling of young graduates or junior engineers by training them on your technology stacks. You can also entrust Harington’s Academy with your projects (sandbox, POC, R&D) of which you keep control (PO) or enrich the technology stack of the training course with your specific bricks.