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Harington Impact

Impact, Harington CSR and Green IT consulting cabinet, is dedicated to taking on environmental challenges by reducing the environmental footprint of TICs and promoting sustainable practices and habits.

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Harington Impact Associate Manager

France Titin-Snaider

As our resource consumption grows exponentially, it is time to reason and optimize our digital usage. Indeed, it is far from being intangible and represents a growing threat to our planet.

Harington Impact helps employ the various tools available to reduce the environmental footprint of IT as well as adopting soberer digital solutions.

The digital burden is getting heavier and heavier in the ranking of greenhouse gases. Yet, only 25% of emissions are currently being measured and managed. CIOs (Chief Information Officers) are confronted with new requirements in terms of responsibility and regulatory compliance. This of course has to be done while having to continue to innovate and, at the same time, controlling costs to contribute profitability of their company.

  1. Increased regulation pressure and a more and more organized control/ supervision: PACTE law CSR, REEN law, 2022 SFDR and taxonomy, CSRD, Declaration of Non-Financial Performance (DPEF) and ESG reporting (2025).
  2. Need for performance and CSR ROI management: €1 million invested = leverage x 2.6, including €1 million in gains (cost savings, productivity)
  3. Certifying sustainability commitment (NR label, SBTi net zero contributor): market trust, customer appeal, employer brand, image

CSR and CIO alignment

  • Audit and compliance, team work
  • IT carbon footprint assessment and Green IT
  • Operational roadmap and metrics definition
  • Documentary compliance and associated standardization processes (Labels)

Green IT support

  • Asset repository (infrastructure, servers, network, storage, cloud, etc.)
  • Consulting on the choice of calculation methodology (ADEME, GHC, ACV) and tools (PLFs SaaS)
  • Configuration (APIs), automation dashboards and reporting
  • Best practices and scalability, eco-gestures, awareness (climate fresco, digital fresco, clean up day, etc.)

Engineering and development

  • Accessibility, code review (quality assessment) and rewriting (SOLID principles)
  • Optimization of processing periods, requests and algorithms for a simpler use of resources (CPU, lazy loading -charge serveur)


  • Domain-Driven Design (DDD) for Reusable Components, Easy Maintenance, Updates, and Decommissioning: SOA, Event-Driven, Microservices, Serverless, Data Mesh

Sustainable purchases/ purchasing

  • Gear/ equipment inventory/ infrastructures/ software
  • Purchasing policy (EPEAT labels, TCO, EnergyStar) according to the ACV and respect of environmental norms (ISO 14001, IEEE 1680)
  • Reworking AOs (CES criterias), supplier audit
  • End-of-life process

Data center impact

  • Opportunity studies, optimization of resources and recommendations (pooling of resources, virtualization, setup, cleaning, locating)
  • SCP benchmarking (Greenhouse Gas Protocol)
  • Defining KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) ( expenses ratio, consumption/ renewables, emissions)

Do you want to better align your IT department with your company’s CSR objectives?

Responsible digital approach, eco-design, reduction of the environmental footprint of your IT system without sacrificing the progress and innovation power of your company? It’s possible. Let’s talk!