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Audit and consulting

We advise you and provide you with all the technological tools to innovate, create and modernize your IT ecosystem.

Wadi Essafi

Harington’s CEO

Wadi Essafi

To stay competitive and innovative in a continuously expanding and ruthless market, where the rules of the game are constantly changing, you must be at the cutting edge of technology. And that’s the quest that Harington has taken on: advising and guiding you to make the right IT choices for both the short and long terms.

We have witnessed -in an extremely short time span- the “birth” of more and more intelligent and sophisticated machines that are able today to remotely interconnect through automated exchanges. Companies have developed an important number of completely digitized tools and new services that, on one hand, ensure the automation of numerous tasks and their workflows and, on the other,are able to improve in autonomy thanks to AI.   . 

Autonomous engines are no longer exclusive to science-fiction. In fact, Artificial Intelligence and its corollary Machine Learning are currently being adopted by the masses. Today, all of the ecosystems are more or less in a phase of digitalization. Tomorrow, it will certainly be a standard.

At Harington, we are as fond of technologies as we are curious and creative. We accompany you to maximize your operational excellence, by making the most of innovative technologies for your current operations thus designing, right away, your future business plan.

It’s certain that the successive crises the world is currently experiencing will highly impact your forthcoming digital choices and the modernization plans for your IT systems.

At Harington, we advocate for technological thriftiness/ frugality hence the systematic search for more sustainable, local and less energy consuming solutions. We prioritize OpenSource technologies and focus on essential “by-design” features, robust (MVPs) and in keeping with expectations. Moreover, we are attached to digital sovereignty .

  • Opportunity assessment
  • SI Audit plan
  • Strategic plans
  • Transformation axes
  • Solution design and POC
  • Tools benchmarking & choosing digital solutions
  • Architecture consulting
  • POS (Project Owner Support) / Project Owner/ Manager (pas sûre pour AMOE)

Need to ensure you’re making the right technology choices for your organization?

Architectural consulting, choice of tools and technologies, cloud provider strategy, we support you.