/ Social Media Charter /


Harington is active on various social media platforms and uses them to exchange and share information about the company’s news, knowledge and expertise.

You will help to develop the company’s visibility and reputation online. As such, we invite you to share your professional expertise and know-how to help solve problems, to enrich online conversations or debates and to share company events relating to the working environment. When you use these platforms by posting content or interacting on Harington pages, you agree to respect Harington’s charter for the use of social networks.

  1. Respect the current laws and regulations, including those ensuring the protection of copyright and intellectual property. Any content published on Harington’s social networks constitutes recognition of its public status. You are held personally responsible for your actions and publications. If you have any doubts about whether or not the content you wish to share is appropriate, we advise you not to publish it.
  2. When participating in conversations or exchanges on social networks, please speak as an individual and not on behalf of Harington.
  3. Do not share any confidential information about the company, its customers or suppliers.
  4. Your behaviour should be exemplary and respectful. Inappropriate behaviour not only damages your company’s reputation, but above all your image.
  5. Do not make any aggressive, insulting, abusive, provocative, derogatory, defamatory or discriminatory comments.