Program management

While your ability to bring new products to market with flawless quality makes a difference, program management is still essential for your project’s success.


Harington IT Consulting Manager

Seif Meddeb

Analyzing and perfectly comprehending expectations while ensuring a perfect balance among different parties of the project, is the key to an efficient program management. Our managing approach is conceived to significantly reduce the time-to-market of your new products while aligning the business, tech and user (UX) visions.


We offer you a complete panel of services to accompany you at every step of your projects, from the initial design to the final integration. We commit to minimizing costs and delays, ensuring the quality of your projects and reducing your “digital debt”.


Software or application product design is not limited to technology; it encompasses a holistic vision that combines your business goals with the satisfaction of the end user.

Our methods include:

  • Event Storming for a more extensive understanding of your business processes
  • Domain Driven Design for a software structure that reflects your business domains.
  • Design Thinking to generate innovative solutions focused on the user needs
  • Story Mapping and modeling  for a clear vision of the user experience and the functional needs
  • Architectures design and strategic roadmaps creation.
  • Accurate and precise budgeting for effective financial planning.

Our team of project managers specializes in implementing complex product roadmaps, ensuring the success of your most critical initiatives and innovative programs. We provide you with experts such as Program Managers, Product Owners, and POS (Project Owner Support) consultants, all well-versed in agile practices and focused on operational excellence.

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