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The performance of your organization relies more and more on the performances of IT systems, its service catalog, and the app efficiency.

Harington Consulting Manager

Anis Bessa

From our perspective, developing an app is like designing a product. We use an iterative approach which leads to successive MVPs, as well as other key steps, ensuring that we never lose sight of the ultimate goal for the app we are working on, regardless of the project’s complexity or length. This allows us to make sure progressively that we are well aligned with your expectations.

At Harington, we use innovative design (conception) methods such as Event Storming and Domain Driven Design along with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) functioning to guarantee consistency with the needs at every development phase. Iterative development methods help us ensure a sustained delivery pace. 

Our structure relies on strong proximity between developers and user-clients that considerably boosts the go-to-market.

  • Risk analysis and impact assessment during the framing phase according to the risk exposure of the app in question . 
  • Good practices in terms of collecting data according to  the “need-to-use” principle and the processing of sensitive or personal data according to the GDPR: identifying, collecting, anonymizing, securing, saving and storing useful data.
  • Quality: reviewing the app design, code audit, architecture audits, vulnerability assessment and tests.
  • Porting, modernization and “lift-and-shift” migration
  • Transforming monolithic architectures into service-oriented environments
  • Continuous Integration
  • DevSecOps
  • Test Automation

Looking to decommission your legacy systems or design new application products?

UX/UI design, POC/MVP, architecture design, AMOA, project management, software factory implementation DevSecOps and CI/CD pipeline, we support you.

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