AI Generation at the Service of Our Developers

AI Generation, the new must-have in every toolbox of the best developers!


AI Generation is now an essential tool for our developers. By automating tasks as much as possible, continuously improving software quality, fostering creativity, and facilitating communication between teams, it optimizes developer work and paves the way for ever more promising innovations.

Wadi Essafi
Président, Harington

The primary benefit of generative AI for our developers is its ability to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks. It is now possible to generate code from simple descriptions, automate software testing, or create documentation very quickly.Tools like GitHub Copilot, TabNine, and DeepCode do this very well. And this allows developers to free up time and energy to focus on higher value-added tasks.

Generative AI not only speeds up the development process but also makes code more reliable by identifying potential coding errors or vulnerabilities and offering solutions. For example, there is a tool like CodeGuru from AWS. In addition,generative AI also facilitates the creation of comprehensive test cases to continuously improve QA.

Generative AI opens new doors in terms of technological innovations that were previously unexplored. It allows you to test ideas and design new solutions! Let’s mention tools like OpenAI Codex or Google AI AutoML which deserve to be experienced for their ability to generate code via a simple description and to design AutoML models (and train them).

Generative AI automatically generates simple and precise explanations of the code. This is particularly useful for teams that will be called upon to intervene, especially in the future, in a context where teams are evolving with different stakeholders. It also allows for the creation of prototypes to improve understanding of projects by stakeholders.

  • GitHub Copilot: A coding assistant that suggests code, tests, and documentation in real time. 
  • TabNine: An intelligent auto-completion tool that predicts the next code based on context. 
  • DeepCode: A static code analyzer that detects coding errors, vulnerabilities, and performance issues. 
  • CodeGuru: An Amazon Web Services service that uses AI to identify code anomalies and suggest improvements. 
  • OpenAI Codex: A tool that allows you to generate code from natural language descriptions. 
  • Google AI AutoML: A platform that allows you to create custom machine learning models without machine learning expertise.

Harington developers are not only equipped with the best tools, but they are also at the forefront of the latest generative AI innovations.

Generative AI is now an essential tool for developers. By automating tasks, improving software quality, fostering creativity, and facilitating communication, it optimizes developer work and paves the way for ever more promising innovations.


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